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Is "Web Pages" just another name for "Razor"? Or has is added new features to the "Razor" which has been used since ASP.NET MVC3?

If Web Pages is a new thing besides ASP.NET WebForm and MVC, how can I create a "Web Pages" project in Visual Studio?

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Yeah, Razor is just syntax that provides a fast, approachable, and lightweight way to combine server code with HTML to create dynamic web content. If you want to create a "Web Pages" project in Visual Studio, then follow the steps that are described in the tutorial Program ASP.NET Web Pages in Visual Studio. This will give you detailed information on the step by step creation of Web pages project in visual studio including screenshots which will make your process easier.

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Web Pages is like Web Forms but with razor syntax.

Razor is the syntax used on the view pages (.cshtml is the razor extension).

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