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Hi does Apples iOS is having backward compatability? I'm having a doubt like in iOS 6 apple is introducing many new features like say for an example we have UICollectionView (for Grid) if i use this class & control of iOS6 then is there any flags or settings change or any extra code snippet available for developers so as to support iOS<6 also.

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There is an "iOS Deployment Target" setting in Xcode - is that what you're asking about? – Carl Norum Sep 28 '12 at 5:54
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You can check UICollectionView's class availability with NSClassFromString function.

A simple example of Twitter :

Class TWTweetComposeViewControllerClass = NSClassFromString(@"TWTweetComposeViewController"); 

if (TWTweetComposeViewControllerClass != nil) 
     // this class only available in iOS 5
     // so new code
     // Means older version
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As I found some thing similar to UICollectionView of iOS6 which is working on iOS4.3+ you have to find out or create this type of controls and use them in conditional coding as described in above answers.

Happy Coding :)

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you definitely need to do conditional coding keeping in mind the available apis on ios version on device which is running the app

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