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I have a table of the following form:


where value1->N are integer fields, and a function that receives an integer parameter "value" that specifies which field needs to be updated, i.e. if "value" param is 2, then only value2 field will be updated.

What I would like to do(in the function), is something like:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION my_cool_function(value integer) RETURNS bigint AS
UPDATE [table name here]
SET "value" || CAST(value[parameter] AS varchar) = [some value]
WHERE [condition];
LANGUAGE 'plpgsql'

but the above code is not correct, looking for a way to achieve this.

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You can't build identifiers like that but you can use EXECUTE to run some SQL that is in a string:

execute 'update table set '
     || quote_ident('value' || value)
     || ' = '
     || quote_literal('some value')
     || ' where ...';

You may or may not need the quote_ident and quote_literal calls but I'd probably use them to help build good habits. You can avoid the quote_literal with USING:

execute 'update table set '
     || quote_ident('value' || value)
     || ' = $1'
     || ' where ...' using some_value;
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+1 thank you @mu is to short (:, are you 100% sure that there's no other way besides EXECUTE? that's the only solution I could come up with also... –  ComputerSaysNo Sep 28 '12 at 6:41
@DorinDuminica: I think EXECUTE is all you've got here but I could be wrong so give it some time. There's always a big ugly IF block with UPDATEs inside but that's pretty hideous too. –  mu is too short Sep 28 '12 at 6:52
yeah, the IF's are not going to work... I'll give the question a bit more time, if no one else comes up with something "better", I'll accept yours, thank you! –  ComputerSaysNo Sep 28 '12 at 7:00

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