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I'm a newbie to Xcode and I am trying to add RESTkit to an Xcode project I'm working on. I followed the instructions here https://github.com/RestKit/RestKit/wiki/Installing-RestKit-in-Xcode-4.x religiously and still all the time the RestKit static library libRestKit.a is always red indicating the file is not there. I tried looking for the file and adding it manually but it's not there. This happens both when I install RestKit via github (terminal) or when I download it from their website.

Help please

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Although this is purely aesthetic, the red labeling of frameworks and products is a common issue with Xcode. They are marked red because the file that this item refers to does not exist.

Take a look at the File Inspector in the Xcode window at the right. Below Identity and Type it says Full Path. This points to a build folder that probably doesn't exist or at least does not contain libRestKit.a.

Now set the Location to Relative to Group. Usually, this fixes the problem, because it will now look in the correct build folder, taking into account the target and active schema.

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Thanks a lot, I was just worried that this might affect the actual functionality of the app/code. As you said it is just aesthetic –  Adham Abdel Sep 29 '12 at 3:38
You should accept Leo's answer, he is right. –  Will Johnston Oct 4 '12 at 7:31
I tried this but I could not change the drop down, it's inactive. –  morksinaanab Oct 27 at 7:19

For me it worked when i changed to "Absolue Path" and i dint added Link Libraries & target Dependency

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