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My final goal is import some data from Google Site pages. I'm trying to use gdata-python-client (v2.0.17) to download a specific Content Feed:

self.client = gdata.sites.client.SitesClient(source=SOURCE_APP_NAME)
self.client.client_login(USERNAME, PASSWORD, source=SOURCE_APP_NAME, service=self.client.auth_service) = SITE
self.client.domain = DOMAIN

uri = '%s?path=%s' % (self.client.MakeContentFeedUri(), '[PAGE PATH]')
feed = self.client.GetContentFeed(uri=uri)
entry = feed.entry[0]

Resulted entry.content has a page content in xhtml format. But this tree doesn't content any plan text data from a page. Only html page struct and links.

For example my test page has

 <div>Some text</div>

ContentFeed entry has only div node with text=None.

I have debugged gdata-python-client request/response and checked resolved data from server in raw buffer - any plan text data in content. Hence it is a Google API bug.

May be there is some workaround? May be i can use some common request parameter? What's going wrong here?

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This code works for me against a Google Apps domain and gdata 2.0.17:

import gdata.sites.client

client = gdata.sites.client.SitesClient(source='yourCo-yourAppName-v1', site='examplesite', domain='')
client.ClientLogin('', 'examplepassword', client.source);

uri = '%s?path=%s' % (client.MakeContentFeedUri(), '/home')
feed = client.GetContentFeed(uri=uri)
entry = feed.entry[0]
print entry 

Given, it's pretty much identical to yours, but it might help you prove or disprove something. Good luck!

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