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I have successfully implemented SQLite in my app and it is working perfectly fine, retrieving and storing data is working, however i have one issue, in one of my Classes there are almost 9 arrays, which are storing data coming from web services and displaying on UITableView, i need to make storing for that Array in database, i have tried with SQLite however it doesn't work, because array cannot be stored in that. Please help me with this

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can u please give a code which u use to store in array?? –  Romit Mewada Sep 28 '12 at 7:07

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Check this before thinking to save lots of data into plist: Should I save in plist or Core Data?

Besides storing it in a plist you basically have two alternatives.

You need to write them one by one in separate entries in a SQLite DB or store them also one by one with core data.

You may check this for more core data details Best practice? - Array/Dictionary as a Core Data Entity Attribute

For a related topic see here Store NSMutable Array into sqlite database

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Try saving it in a plist in the documentsDirectory of the project ,because plist supports datatypes like array,dictionaries

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