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Hi I had used this following code

$last_id=mysql_query("select * from complaint_list order by complaint_id Desc Limit 1");

$complaintid = str_pad($id, 4, '0');
$year = substr($get[0],2,2);

mysql_query("insert into complaint_list(complaint_number, sap_number, complaint_type, circle_id) values('" . $complaint_number . "','" . $_POST['sap_number'] . "', 'DU', " . $_POST['circle'].")");

It's showing all the time as 12-09CB0000.

Please help me

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Hi I solved this issue,

Just replace this code

$last_id=mysql_query("select *,lpad(complaint_id,4,'0') as cid from complaint_list order by complaint_id Desc Limit 1");
    $complaintid = str_pad($complaintid, 4, '0');
    $year = substr($get[0],2,2);
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Do you still need to call str_pad now that you're padding in MySQL? – Barmar Sep 28 '12 at 7:32

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