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Here is by code :

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Data::Dumper;

my $var = { 
    Cars => {
        cars_name => [
    Bikes => {
        Bikes_name => [

#Traversing the hash of hash of array
print "$var\n";
foreach my $k1 (keys %{$var}) {

    print "$k1\n";
    print $var->$k1;
    #foreach my $k2 (keys %{$var->$k1}) {


Whenever i am trying to print cars_name and Bikes_name , i am getting an error message saying the Can't call method Cars on Unblessed reference. I am not able to figure it out where am i doing mistake. Well, by mine understanding this print $var->$k1; line creating a prob. So please can any body help me out of this.


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 print $var->$k1;

that is calling a method on an object. You want to access a hash:

 print $var->{$k1};
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