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I am trying to write a batch script that will get the current day, month and year in a safe manner(i.e. independent of the date format). Unfortunately all the internet sources I have found propose something like:

   SET YEAR=%DATE:~-4%
   SET MONTH=%DATE:~3,2%
   SET DAY=%DATE:~5,2%

This will work if my date is in format yyyy/mm/dd or yyyy-mm-dd but will not if it is in format yy-mm-dd or some other format. Is there a safe way to get the year, month and day?

And one more question - is it possible to know what the day separator is(/ in the first case and - in the other cases).

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Use WMIC instead, SO: Log Date/Time – jeb Sep 28 '12 at 7:57
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First, you could retrieve the current settings from the registry (somewhere).
The format and also the separators.

But it's easier to use wmic instead, it has always the same format, the only drawback is, that it's take a bit of time, each time you start it.

Modified sample from SO: Log Date/Time

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
FOR /F "skip=1 tokens=1-6" %%A IN ('WMIC Path Win32_LocalTime Get Day^,Hour^,Minute^,Month^,Second^,Year /Format:table') DO (
    if "%%B" NEQ "" (
        SET /A FDATE=%%F*10000+%%D*100+%%A
        SET /A FTIME=%%B*10000+%%C*100+%%E
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what does setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion do and why is it needed in this example? – Ivaylo Strandjev Sep 28 '12 at 9:48
It enables the delayed expansion (Wow!), best to read the help of set /?. And to say the truth: It isn't necessary here :-), You could simply change the echo to echo %FDATE% - %FTIME% – jeb Sep 28 '12 at 9:51

The first four lines of this code will give you reliable YY DD MM YYYY HH Min Sec variables in XP Pro and higher.

@echo off
for /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%a in ('wmic OS Get localdatetime /value') do set "dt=%%a"
set "YY=%dt:~2,2%" & set "YYYY=%dt:~0,4%" & set "MM=%dt:~4,2%" & set "DD=%dt:~6,2%"
set "HH=%dt:~8,2%" & set "Min=%dt:~10,2%" & set "Sec=%dt:~12,2%"

set "datestamp=%YYYY%%MM%%DD%" & set "timestamp=%HH%%Min%%Sec%"
set "fullstamp=%YYYY%-%MM%-%DD%_%HH%-%Min%-%Sec%"
echo datestamp: "%datestamp%"
echo timestamp: "%timestamp%"
echo fullstamp: "%fullstamp%"

Here is a VBS solution:

  :: date time using WSH/VBS
  :: datetime.bat V4.2
  :: This uses Windows Scripting Host to set variables to
  :: the current date/time/day/day_number/week_of_year etc
  :: for Win9x/ME/NT/W2K/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 etc
  :: Thanks go to Todd Vargo for his scripting
  @echo off
  set TmpFile="%temp%.\tmp.vbs"
  echo> %TmpFile% n=Now
  echo>>%TmpFile% With WScript
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set m1="   + monthname(month(n), true)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set m2="   + monthname(month(n), false)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set woy="  + CStr(datepart("ww", n))
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set year=" + CStr(Year(n))
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set yr="   + Right(Year(n),2)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set month="+ Right(100+Month(n),2)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set day="  + Right(100+Day(n),2)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set hour=" + Right(100+Hour(n),2)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set min="  + Right(100+Minute(n),2)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set sec="  + Right(100+Second(n),2)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set dow="  + WeekDayName(Weekday(n),1)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set dow2=" + WeekDayName(Weekday(n))
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set iso="  + CStr(1 + Int(n-2) mod 7)
  echo>>%TmpFile% .Echo "set iso2=" + CStr(Weekday(n,2))
  echo>>%TmpFile% End With
  cscript //nologo "%temp%.\tmp.vbs" > "%temp%.\tmp.bat"
  call "%temp%.\tmp.bat"
  del  "%temp%.\tmp.bat"
  del  %TmpFile%
  set TmpFile=
  set stamp=%year%-%month%-%day%.%hour%_%min%_%sec%

  if not "%~1"=="" goto :EOF

  echo The year  is "%year%" or "%yr%"
  echo The month is "%month%" "%m1%" "%m2%"
  echo The day   is "%day%" "%dow%" "%dow2%"
  echo ISO8601 Day-Of-Week number is "%iso%" and week of year is: "%woy%"

  echo The time in hh:mm:ss is "%hour%:%min%:%sec%"
  echo The hour   is "%hour%"
  echo The minute is "%min%"
  echo The second is "%sec%"

  echo The date and time stamp is "%stamp%"
  echo date A yyyymmdd "%year%%month%%day%"
  echo date B mmddyyyy "%month%%day%%year%"
  echo date C ddmmyyyy "%day%%month%%year%"
  echo date D yymmdd   "%yr%%month%%day%"
  echo date E mmddyy   "%month%%day%%yr%"
  echo date F ddmmyy   "%day%%month%%yr%"
  :: datetime.bat
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Thank you very much! It's impossible for me to understand how does this strange script works, but %YYYY%, %MM%, %DD% is exactly that what I need)) – Олег Всильдеревьев Feb 6 '15 at 13:44

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