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I have lots of web service methods and I want to validate all of them in one function. For example;

public string Method1(POS pos, int param1, string param2)
    return String.Format("{0}: {1}", param1,param2);

public int Method2(POS pos, int param3)
    return param3 * 2;

public void OnPreProcessing(...)
     // Before Mothod1 and Method2 called, It should enter here
     // I want to be able to cancel method execution and return another value.
     // I want to get the method name, parameter names and values         

Now i'am using ContextBoundObject and IMessageSink to do this. I can get method name, parameters and values, but i can't cancel the method execution and return another value. I am using something like below.

public IMessage SyncProcessMessage(IMessage msg)
    var mcm = msg as IMethodCallMessage;
    OnPreProcessing(ref mcm);
    var retMsg = _NextSink.SyncProcessMessage(msg) as IMethodReturnMessage;
    OnPostProcessing(mcm, ref retMsg);
    return retMsg;

How can I cancel the method execution and return another values?


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please give more info about your "service". WCF ? Rest service ? Web Services ? Also Retag you question. –  Cybermaxs Sep 28 '12 at 7:48
it is web services. However I have to do the operation for any methods not only WebMethods. –  Bugra Pullu Sep 28 '12 at 8:23

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