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I'm using an MVC 3 application that uses business logic that contains timings in the response. Now I would like to add these timings to the Mini-Profiler in my MVC3 app on a specific level.

I have tried it like this:

profiler.StepStart("key", "value");
var response = GetXXXResponse(request);
if (response != null && response.Timings)
    foreach (var child in response.Timings)
         var profiler = new MiniProfiler(child.Name, _profilerService.Profiler.Level;
          profiler.ClientTimings = new ClientTimings { Timings = new List<ClientTimings.ClientTiming> { new ClientTimings.ClientTiming { Duration = child.ResponseTime, Name = child.Name, Start = 0 } } };

I'm using Mini-Profiler version 2.0.2, in the UI I see the steps being added, but the timings are incorrect. How can I Profile in MVC a specific function and add extra timing information for that block provided by the external process that cannot be changed?

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github.com/SamSaffron/MiniProfiler/blob/master/… is pretty mutable, you can clean it up there –  Sam Saffron Sep 30 '12 at 14:39
Ok overlooked this Timing class, now I'm able to nest external timings correctly. Thanks! –  krikke999 Oct 17 '12 at 11:15

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