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I have a conditional expression stored inside a string variable,

For example :

declare @x int=501,@y int=0,@str varchar(max)

set @str='if @x > 500 set @y=1000 else set @y=500'

Can anybody anybody tell me how can I calculate this string and get the result in SQL Server 2008 from inside a stored procedure.

Thanks in advance


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You need sp_executesql, but it has some nuances especially with passing variables in and getting values out.

declare @x int=501,@y int=0,@str Nvarchar(max)
set @str='if @x > 500 set @y=1000 else set @y=500'

exec sp_executesql @str, N'@x int, @y int output', @x, @y output
select @y

-- result

Note that @str has been redefined as NVARCHAR. sp_executesql expects the query to be NVARCHAR.
2nd thing to note is that the output clause has to be used twice for any variable that needs to keep the value changed inside the sp_executesql call

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You would need to use dynamic SQL using sp_executesql

Using sp_executesql

[Although, I would examine why you need to do this...]

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