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I have a problem with formatting date in iReport

An my pc I configured the locale language as French but when the iReport generate the reports I find the date formated with English locale.

Here is a few code from my jrxml file :

<band height="41" splitType="Stretch">
    <textField pattern="dd/MM/yyyy a">
        <reportElement uuid="fb711e77-c949-4a99-9b52-109aae00c8ed" x="87" y="19" width="100" height="20"/>
        <reportElement uuid="51fb76a0-829e-4c36-b474-3ff9c7d4c239" x="41" y="19" width="48" height="20"/>
            <font isBold="true" isItalic="true"/>
        <text><![CDATA[Fes Le : ]]></text>

and here is how it is displayed for me: Fri Sep 28 09:59:00

My target format is: vendredi 28 septembre 2012 09:59 (in French)

Do you have any idea?

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You can look at my answers on How to change date format (month name) in iReport? and Setting REPORT_LOCALE in IReport? posts related to your question – Alex K Sep 28 '12 at 10:01
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Your question duplicates How to change date format (month name) in iReport? and Setting REPORT_LOCALE in IReport? posts.

  • For setting locale in iReport you should call dialog Options - Compilation and exectution (via iReport -> Tools -> Options menu).

Dialog for setting language

For this textField:

<textField pattern="EEEEE dd MMMMM yyyy">
    <reportElement x="0" y="0" width="100" height="20"/>

The result will be:

Result via preview in iReport

Note: It's works only for preview in iReport.

Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<String, Object>(); 
params.put(JRParameter.REPORT_LOCALE, Locale.FRENCH); 
JasperFillManager.fillReportToFile(compiledReportName, params); 

The result will be the same for report generated with code like this.

The working sample, jrxml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jasperReport ...  whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail" ...>
    <parameter name="date" class="java.util.Date" isForPrompting="false">
        <defaultValueExpression><![CDATA[new Date()]]></defaultValueExpression>
        <band height="50">
            <textField pattern="EEEEE dd MMMMM yyyy">
                <reportElement x="200" y="11" width="228" height="20"/>

Java code:

Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<String, Object>();
params.put("date", new Date());
params.put(JRParameter.REPORT_LOCALE, Locale.FRENCH);

JasperReport jasperReport = JasperCompileManager.compileReport(reportSource);
JasperPrint jasperPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(jasperReport, params, connection);

JasperExportManager.exportReportToPdfFile(jasperPrint, outputFile);

The result be:

The generated report in Adobe Reader

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I tested the two way but the same result, always : Fri Sep 28 11:29:37 – simonTifo Sep 28 '12 at 10:37
@simonTifo Did you try the sample? Is it work for you? – Alex K Sep 28 '12 at 12:59
now it works, thank you very much, the problem was : instead of having : <parameter name="datenow" class="java.util.Date"/> I had : <parameter name="datenow" class="java.lang.String"/> – simonTifo Sep 28 '12 at 14:23
@simonTifo Welcome :) – Alex K Sep 28 '12 at 14:29

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