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I'm trying to use constants or defines in GWT's UiBinder XML. All the questions and answers I find are related to CSS constants, using @def annotations in a elements, but that's not what I need. Take this example:

<g:Button width="60" height="24">Hello</g:Button>

If I have 50 buttons on my page, all with the same dimensions, I don't want to have to set each button's dimension as indicated above. If I want to change the width, I have to do this for all buttons on the page. So, what I'm looking for is something like this:

<g:Button width="{myWidth}" height="{myHeight}">Hello</g:Button>

The constants "myWidth" and "myHeight" being specified somewhere at the beginning of the UiBinder XML file. I tried doing this with and but I cannot get it to work.

Any ideas?

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A. This is how you do it:

<ui:with field="styleConstants" type="...constants.StyleConstants" />

<g:Button width="{styleConstants.myWidth}" height="{styleConstants.myHeight}">Hello</g:Button>

Obviously, StyleConstants should have myWidth() and myHeight() methods.

B. Setting the same size to 50 buttons is wrong. This is what CSS classes are for. Define a CSS class and assign it to each button:

<g:Button styleName="button">Hello</g:Button>

You can use an external CSS file or a CSS Resource for this purpose.

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And StyleConstants could extend com.google.gwt.i18n.shared.Constants for instance. –  Thomas Broyer Sep 28 '12 at 13:57
@ThomasBroyer: I am curious. What would be the benefit of existing com.google.gwt.i18n.shared.Constants ? –  Ümit Feb 4 '13 at 10:13
@Ümit: I18N; if you need something slightly wider/narrower in some locale because you know the text won't display correctly (German is known to generally have longer labels than, say, English). That and/or specifying your constant values in a properties file. –  Thomas Broyer Feb 4 '13 at 10:43
@ThomasBroyer: Ah I see. Didn't think of that. Thx for the explanation. –  Ümit Feb 4 '13 at 14:19

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