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i am trying to delete certain portion of a string if a match found in the string as below

string = 'Newyork, NY'

I want to delete all the characters after the comma from the string including comma, if comma is present in the string

Can anyone let me now how to do this .

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Use .split():

string = string.split(',', 1)[0]

We split the string on the comma once, to save python the work of splitting on more commas.

Alternatively, you can use .partition():

string = string.partition(',')[0]


>>> 'Newyork, NY'.split(',', 1)[0]
>>> 'Newyork, NY'.partition(',')[0]

.partition() is the faster method:

>>> import timeit
>>> timeit.timeit("'one, two'.split(',', 1)[0]")
>>> timeit.timeit("'one, two'.partition(',')[0]")
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Or str.partition –  jamylak Sep 28 '12 at 9:44
For die hard regex uses - you may as well throw in re.match('(.*?),', s).group(1) - but yeah, definitely str.split with max_splits is the way to go –  Jon Clements Sep 28 '12 at 9:47
@jamylak: Indeed, and it is faster too. –  Martijn Pieters Sep 28 '12 at 9:59

You can split the string with the delimiter ",":



'Newyork, NY'.split(",") # ['Newyork', ' NY']
'Newyork, NY'.split(",")[0] # 'Newyork'
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Try this :

s = "this, is"
m = s.index(',')
l = s[:m]
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A fwe options:

  • string[:string.index(",")]

    This will raise a ValueError if , cannot be found in the string. Here, we find the position of the character with .index then use slicing.

  • string.split(",")[0]

    The split function will give you a list of the substrings that were separated by ,, and you just take the first element of the list. This will work even if , is not present in the string (as there'd be nothing to split in that case, we'd have string.split(...) == [string])

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