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I got the following bean declearation in my [servlet-name]-servlet.xml of my Dynamic Web Project using Spring Web MVC? I have read quite a lot of documents but stil couldnt understand what is the purpose of having those property tags?

<bean name="abcController" parent="defController" 
    <constructor-arg ref="staticService" />
    <property name="commandClass" value="abcCommand" />
    <property name="property2" value="search" />
    <property name="property3" value="true" />
    <property name="formView" value="/someValue" />


I know that the property could a field in abcController class, but there is no such a field named formView in abcController class! Does anyone could help me out?

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That xml file is used to create fields without having those fields coded in the file itself.

ApplicationContext context = 
new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("[servlet-name]-servlet.xml");

abcController obj = (abcController) context.getBean("abcController");

You could later on use the beans in your code:

obj.getFormView(); //this will return '/somevalue'
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