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I submitted a question regarding my app's inability to publish read actions here on so. I got some responses, with one suggesting that I report the issue as a bug on fb. I did the same, and almost 2 months down the line, no response seems to be forthcoming from fb. Here is my problem.

I have a website that provides news to users. Users are able to login using fb connect, after which everytime they read an article, the article is posted on their fb timeline as a new activity, the way yahoo does it. It then gives the user an option to delete the same action that was posted.

I have tested these actions using my account(app admin) and all seems to work fine. I added new testers and they are also able to do the same without any problems i.e. record read actions and delete the same! The problems comes when I try to do the same with Testers (accounts created by facebook) - the last group of users under Roles section of the app administration. It keeps throwing back the error : BadMethodCallException, both from within my website and from graph api explorer.

I dont know if anybody else has ever faced this problem that has stopped me in my tracks. Any help will be appreciated.Thnx. Here is my code:

 FB.api('/me/news.reads?article=http://muzikki.com/articles/headlines/dna-to-appear-in-court/','post', function(response) {

    if (!response) { }
    else if (response.error) { } 
    else {
       show_fb_popup(response.id); // show popup to enable delete of last action
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I'm getting exactly the same problem. I've filed a bug report with Facebook developers.facebook.com/bugs/290059214433187 and it's been acknowledged, with the priority set to 'Low'. It seems there are a few people having the same issue, so I would have thought that it should be assigned a somewhat higher priority. Is anyone aware of any way around this at all? – Iain Campbell Oct 9 '12 at 10:23
This bug has since been sorted by facebook. – nixxx Nov 30 '12 at 9:22

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