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from django.http import HttpResponse

import urllib2
import simplejson
import memcache

def epghome(request):

    if mc.get("jsondata"):

        return HttpResponse("<h1>This Data is coming from Cache :</h1><br> " + str(myval))


        responseFromIDubba = ""
        responseFromIDubba = urllib2.urlopen("http://www.idubba.com/apps/guide.aspx?key=4e2b0ca2328e03acce0014101d302ac7&type=1&f1=1&f2=0&channel=&gener=&page=0&summary=1").read()
        parseResponseString = simplejson.loads(responseFromIDubba)

        for data in parseResponseString["data"]:
            #for keys in data:
                #body=body+str(data .items())+".."+str(data[str(keys)])+"<br>"

        return HttpResponse("<h1>No Cache Set</h1>" + responseFromIDubba)

Hi, This code is working if I run it in the terminal Python, without any error. But in ECLIPSE IDE it always gives Import Error.
Even if I downloaded and install those modules. Also, and I restarted both Eclipse and my system, but it won't help.

Can you please suggest me a site where I get all libraries at once ?

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have you set proper path in eclipse ide ?? stackoverflow.com/questions/4324502/… –  avasal Sep 28 '12 at 9:48
Welcome to Stack Overflow! Please try to make your question more clear and don't use random upper- and lower-cases. Also try to post code examples that are only as minimal as possible. This helps us to limit the search and provide a solution. The more work you put in when asking, the less work we have to do and you will be more likely to receive help. –  javex Sep 28 '12 at 9:50

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