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I have the following 2 bat files:

//a line which does something

//a line which does the other something

Now, how do I run these bat files within a new bat file, by ignoring the pause(s)?

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Simple: Remove the PAUSE!

But I assume, one of your restrictions of the problem could be, that you can't remove the pause.

Then you could use redirection to the called batch file.

Something like

call 1.bat < nul
call 2.bat < nul
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I was about to post something like that, only I was going to suggest ECHO(| 1.bat and I actually like your suggestion much better. Anyway, it may be worth mentioning that the trick will work if the batch files do not read stdin (otherwise than through their pause commands). –  Andriy M Sep 28 '12 at 10:02

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