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I am using icons from several websites that require attribution. However, unlike in a photo, where I can put the attribution below it, I cannot do so with an icon. Do I just create a page on my website listing all the creators and the links to their websites? How should I indicate which of their icons I used since they are littered across the webpage.

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Creative Commons have this page to assist in creating an attribution. It would appear the assumption is that the attribution will go under the picture etc. This, as you note, doesn't really work for icons.

One answer on this page suggests each HTML img should be given a title which will produce something akin to a tooltip when you hover. Again, this doesn't really work for icons in an HTML5 app style of page.

The ticked answer on that page argues that the attribution need not be visible. That's what I've been banking on, although I'm not using XMP metadata, not least because all my icons are in one sprite.

My current approach is to include a general attribution in the footer of my index/home/login page. In that footer I refer to a comment at the top of the HTML source for details of all the icons used. The HTML attribution is also included in the source of any page on which icons occur. (I'd include info in a footer on each page, except there isn't one.)

This page is also worth a look.

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