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I made a custom tree view for my XULRunner application. For selection I use cell type (seltype="cell" attribute on tree tag).

Everything is OK when I use the mouse. Keyboard arrows work well except when you are on the first column of the row which is a container. In this case pressing right arrow doesn't lead to the neighboring cell at the right but opens the container of the row instead. After this the selection mark disappears. Mouse click return it back.

Can someone suggest a solution? Do I have to assign a keyboard event handler or there is better legal way? May be XBL?? I know that Mozilla sometimes cancels user's handlers events.

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i checked the problem with selection mark, Now not disappear. –  YuryL Sep 28 '12 at 16:12
as far as i see nsITreeSelection is oriented on row selection(single or multiple). Programmatically i can choose only between single and multiple. The question is how to change programmatically selection type from multiple to cell and back. I tried to change seltype attribute of tree tag by DOM API but have got not correct behavior of the tree. –  YuryL Sep 30 '12 at 13:38

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