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I have Xml file

<root rootname="RName" otherstuff="temp">
     <somechild childname="CName" otherstuff="temp">

in the above XML how can I update RName to RN and CName to CN using QT. I am using QDomDocument but not able to do required thing.

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Add the code you have. – Frank Osterfeld Sep 28 '12 at 10:57

It would help if you share information how you are using QDomDocument and which part exactly is tricky. But here how it goes in general:

  • file is being read from a file system;

  • file is being parsed into QDomDocument;

  • content of document is being modified;

  • data is being saved back to the file.

In the Qt code:

// Open file
QDomDocument doc("mydocument");
QFile file("mydocument.xml");
if (! {
    qError("Cannot open the file");
// Parse file
if (!doc.setContent(&file)) {
   qError("Cannot parse the content");

// Modify content
QDomNodeList roots = elementsByTagName("root");
if (roots.size() < 1) {
   qError("Cannot find root");
QDomElement root =;
root.setAttribute("rootname", "RN");
// Then do the same thing for somechild

// Save content back to the file
if (! | QIODevice::WriteOnly)) {
    qError("Basically, now we lost content of a file");
QByteArray xml = doc.toByteArray();

Note, in real life applications you will want to save data to another file, ensure save was successful and then replace original file with a copy.

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