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I was wondering if there was anything similar like Mechanize or BeautifulSoup for PHP?

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SimpleTest provides you with similar functionality:


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SimpleTest Browser class indeed does seem to do the job right however I was looking for something lighter, perhaps some library not oriented for Unit Testing? –  Alix Axel Aug 12 '09 at 2:15
You can use SimpleTest's browser without the rest of the framework. It's a self-contained subcomponent. –  troelskn Aug 12 '09 at 11:47
require_once(dirname(FILE) . '/simpletest.php'); and a dozen of other includes. –  Alix Axel Aug 13 '09 at 18:11

I don't know how powerful BeautifulSoup is, so maybe this won't be as great ; but you could try using DOMDocument::loadHTML :

The function parses the HTML contained in the string source . Unlike loading XML, HTML does not have to be well-formed to load.

After using this, you should be able to access the HTML document using DOM methods -- including XPath queries.

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+1 for the native suggestion, although doing XPath queries is several times more complex than doing the same thing in BeautifulSoup. –  Alix Axel Aug 12 '09 at 6:17
oh :-( too bad ^^ –  Pascal MARTIN Aug 12 '09 at 19:20

Don't know about BeautifulSoup, but there is phpquery which is similar to jquery

$doc = phpQuery::newDocument('<div/>');

$doc['div ul'] = '<li>1</li><li>2</li><li>3</li>';

$doc['ul > li:last'] = 'hello';
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Thanks, SimpleTest seems a little superior however I'll give this one a look. –  Alix Axel Aug 12 '09 at 6:18

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