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I have a view which displays a UITableView with a section index along the right side. This was working perfectly when the controller class was a UITableViewController, e.g. in the .h file I had

@interface MyClass : UITableViewController

However, I wanted to make the table view have an image background. I changed the xib file so it had a UIView that contained the UIImageView for the background and the UITableView for the table with a transparent background, and changed the .h file to

@interface MyClass : UIViewController <UITableViewDelegate, UITableViewDataSource>

The view, delegate and datasource are all set to the appropriate objects and everything works fine with the table. The background shows through and the table functions properly. But the section index is no longer displayed along the right side of the table.

There were no other code changes and I can get the section index back by changing the controller's view to be the UITableView and changing the .h file appropriately, but then the background image doesn't show.

What is the correct way to get a section index on a UITableView that's inside a UIView?

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Why did you change UITableViewController -> UIViewController? The other changes make sense, but I'm not sure why you did this last one. –  Tyler Aug 12 '09 at 1:51
In order for the image to show up, I had to make the base object in the XIB a UIView and then add both the background UIImageView and UITableView inside that. When I made that UIView the view for the controller, I had to change the controller to be a UIViewController class. –  micco Aug 12 '09 at 4:06

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Nevermind... it was a sizing issue with the UITableView that was pushing the section index off the right side of the view. Embarrassing oversight. All the code works as it should.

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