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I'm trying to use VideoJS to display a video stream that would be readable on most recent platforms (desktop and mobile).

The video is hosted on a Wowza server and is available in multiple formats:


I couldn't make it work with VideoJS. I also tried with MediaElement and Projekktor with no success. The only one that worked is JW Player (tested with IE9, FF15, Chrome, iPad) with the following configuration, but I need an open source solution:

    height: 276,
    width: 490,
    image: "video.jpg",
    modes: [
            type: "html5",
            config: {
                file: ""
            type: "flash",
            src: "player.swf",
            config: {
                file: "mp4:inazimi.mp4",
                streamer: "rtmp://",
                provider: "rtmp"
        { type: "download" }

It looks like the scripts are selecting the wrong protocol but I can't figure out how to configure it correctly. Has anyone had success with Wowza videos in HTML5/Flash players?

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