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I am using the shopify PHP client of "cmcdonaldca" -

On creating a webhook it gives the lexical error in is the code.

$sc = new ShopifyClient($_SESSION['shop'], $_SESSION['token'], $api_key, $secret);

$b = '{"webhook":{"topic":"orders/create","address":"","format": "json"}}';

       $webhooks = $sc->call('POST','/admin/webhooks.json',$b);
catch (ShopifyApiException $e)
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All you need to do is because i am POSTing the request in JSON format.what shopify library do after reading the path is, convert the request into json by


and to rearrange the slashes finally


because our request is in json,so we dnt need to encode it again and if we do so it gives the error.

simply omit the 'json_encode' and 'stripslashes' in 'shopify.php',and here we go.

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