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Why is vim drawing underlines on the place of tabs and how to avoid this?

Im getting continuous line when I write spaces or tabs at the beginning of the lines:


Any idea?


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This isn't the result of using tabs at the beginning of a line, it's just vim's code-highlighting.

Vim underlines links, and you're still within the body of an <a> tag.It's nothing to worry about, it just shows where the content of the displayable part of the link starts and ends.

You could disable syntax highlighting for HTML, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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The text inside a HTML hyperlink in underlined by Vim's syntax highlighting to show that it is a link. In this case the whitespace surrounding the tag is being highlighted.

Switching off such underlining is addressed in this question and boils down to setting

:let html_no_rendering=1

which you could put in your .vimrc.

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It's a flaw in the syntax definition; I've posted a fix here; I'll send this as a patch to the maintainer now, as it seems to be a constant source of confusion.

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