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my textbox output always has one line , even if i press enter the output is always one line,

ex: user input:

Name: Stack
Last: Over
Address: Flow

unwanted output:

Name: Stack Last: Over Address: Flow

is there anyway to allow multiple lines in a textbox

the output should also be:

Name: Stack
Last: Over
Address: Flow

the output is sent to my php script. any javascript or php script is fine as long as the output is correct.

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By textbox output do you mean the value you get out of that textbox? HTML textboxes do not support multi-line input, you should use textarea instead. This is of course, the pure HTML approach.

I am only familiar with ASP.NET, but there, you would use a TextBox with TextMode="Multiline".

If by output you mean you have a string with \n and you want to replace that with < br/>, you could implement a javascript function to do that for you, like:

function ToHtmlLineBreaks(output)
    return output.replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r)/gm,"<br/>");

To display it on a html page you still need to use something other that textbox, for the line breaks to show properly.

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