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I am trying to pass a list of boost::any objects to a function.

Here is my attempt :

typedef std::list<boost::any> Any_List_Type;
typedef std::list<int> Int_List_Type;

void printAnyListSize(Any_List_Type anyListType)
   printf("Any list size(%d) \n", anyListType.size();

void showInstListSize(Int_List_Type intListType)
   printAnyListSize(intListType);  //compile error...

Since boost::any allows any type to be passed in the list, I am not sure why there is an error.

How do I type cast boost::any to the appropriate type in the list ?

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What is the error message? – BoBTFish Sep 28 '12 at 11:59

The error is there because std::list<int> is not convertible to std::list<boost::any> (or to std::list<T> with any other T, such as unsigned).

You can convert it manually

 printAnyListSize(Any_List_Type(intListType.begin(), intListType.end()));

What you are asking for is a covariant list type. Covariant types (type constructors) are present in some languages, like Scala; if a CovT<X> is covariant in X and T is a subtype of U (such as int would be a subtype of any), then Cov<T> is a subtype of Cov<U>. This means that in Scala, an example similar to yours would work.

In C++, there is no language support for covariant types. Some types (like shared_ptr) mimic covariance by the means of user defined conversions (eg. conversion constructors). However, std::list is not among them. This is why you have to perform the conversion yourself.

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Ok. That makes sense. thanks much. – user1690041 Sep 28 '12 at 13:34

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