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I'm working on an NSPersistentDocument based app that has a per-document currency setting.

Preferably, I would like to use a single NSNumberFormatter currencyFormatter for all my NIB files, but there doesn't seem to be any easy way to bind, say, NSTextField formatter to document.currencyFormatter or something similar.

I'm pretty sure it is possible to do this using code, adding bindings manually, but it is quite a bit of work since I have many fields using the currency formatter.

What is the best option to share the currency formatter across multiple NIB files?

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That is a standard formatter isn't it? So don't you just set it up using the IB binding inspector of each field? –  trojanfoe Sep 28 '12 at 12:34

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Here I suggest two ways:

  1. Subclass the NSNumberFormatter and make it be a singleton (the init method return the same object every time is called).Then drag an object in every xib file and set it's class to the name of the NSNumberFormatter subclass;
  2. Just use the bindings inspector to bind each formatter to document.currencyFormatter.

PS: I'm not sure if I completely understand what you're asking, tell me if one of these would be a valid solution to you.

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Option 2 worked really well for me. –  ioquatix Jul 31 '14 at 2:59

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