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I have plotted few graphs using ZedGraphs. Now, i have an option that user can plot some graphs using different check boxes a can remove them as well. But, i am not scaling the graph when user makes those graphs as i don't want to change the look of the graphs.

Now, if the user zooms and then click to the Set Scale to Default, the graphs got reset as there is a call to AxisChange() i guess.

But, i want the original look of the graphs that i have plotted and not the default view which changes the view completely.

S, is there any way where i can change the behavior of the Set Scale to Default functionality?

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The Undo all zoom/pan menu do what you want. –  Otiel Oct 5 '12 at 17:08

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You have 2 options to try with,

Option 1: Get rid off the default context menu item(Set Scale to Default) & add your own custom context menu item.

In-order to remove:

private void zedGraphControl1_ContextMenuBuilder(ZedGraphControl sender,ContextMenuStrip menuStrip, Point mousePt, ZedGraphControl.ContextMenuObjectState objState)
  foreach (ToolStripMenuItem item in menuStrip.Items)
if ((string)item.Tag == "set_default")

& to add a new item:


Option 2: Edit the source code (It's a bit tricky but do-able)

I don't see any easy way to change the behavior of the pre-build options.

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