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I want to introduce a count down in my game. I'm using a code like this:

In onCreateResources()

this.font = FontFactory.create(this.getFontManager(), this.getTextureManager(), 256, 256, TextureOptions.BILINEAR, Typeface.create(Typeface.DEFAULT, Typeface.BOLD), 48);

In onCreateScene()

this.countDownText = new Text(0, 0, this.font, "300", "300".length(), this.getVertexBufferObjectManager());

this.remain = 300;
this.timerHandler = new TimerHandler(1 / 10f, true, new ITimerCallback() {

    public void onTimePassed(TimerHandler pTimerHandler) {
        countDownText.setText(remain + "");

I found information about this problem and differents solutions that doesn't work for me:

  • Use ChangableText: This class is not longer in Andengine.
  • Preload the characters: This doesn't work for me.
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ChangeableText is Text: link

"Text has all functionality of the old ChangeableText."

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This does not address the problem of lag when changing text, which was the question after all. – OneThreeSeven Feb 15 '13 at 22:03

You have to use:


That way, it loads all numbers before you start changing the text, so it can change rapidly without missing numbers while they load.

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