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My Models are look like .....

    name = models.CharField(max_length = 60, blank = False)
    r_no = models.CharField(max_length = 60, blank = False)
    created_date = models.DateTimeField(null = False, blank = False, default = datetime.datetime.now())

    aka_name = models.CharField(max_length = 60, blank = True)
    student = models.ForeignKey('Student', related_name = "Student_FK")
    student_p = models.ForeignKey('Student', related_name = "Student_FK")
    emailed_date = models.DateTimeField(null = True, blank = True)
    phoned_date = models.DateTimeField(null = True, blank = True)

My Form in form.py

class StudentPotentialForm (forms.ModelForm):

    class Meta:
        model = StudentPotential

class StudentCorrespondenceForm(forms.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = StudentCorrespondence
        exclude = ('student', 'student_p')

Finally My view.py

def add_student_company_potential(request, student_id):
    from cdradmin.forms import StudentPotentialForm, StudentCorrespondenceForm
    if request.method == 'POST':
            ### HOW TO SAVE THE two from for the student have its it 'student_id' ####


            StudentPotentialForm = StudentPotentialForm()
            StudentCorrespondenceForm = StudentCorrespondenceForm()
context = {'StudentCorrespondenceForm':StudentCorrespondenceForm, "StudentPotentialForm":StudentPotentialForm}
return render_to_response('cdradmin/studentform.html', context, context_instance = RequestContext(request))

Once the data is post to the view, How can i able to save this data for the student has his/her id is 'student_id'

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You can try this

if request.method == 'POST':
    spf = StudentPotentialForm(request.POST)
    if spf.is_valid():
        osp = spf.save()
    else :
       #raise error

    student = Student.objects.get(id=student_id)
    scf = StudentCorrespondenceForm(request.POST)
    if scf.is_valid():
        osc = scf.save(commit=False)
        osc.student = student
        osc.student_p = osp
        # raise error.
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spf.is_valid() always False.this model does not have any special fields . – Abhilash Joseph Sep 29 '12 at 8:58
How to print the Form error in console ???? – Abhilash Joseph Sep 29 '12 at 8:59
Does your html form has appropriate values for the elements? Try print spf.errors for form error. For form specific error try: for k,f in spf.fields.items(): for e in f.error_messages: print f, e – Rohan Sep 29 '12 at 9:22

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