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i have the following structure in Eclipse:

foo.bar.app as package, containing Main.java and Applet.java (not sure if thie ifnormation is needed...)

I can run the appliacation fine in eclipse either as Java(swing) application or applet. Now i am trying to run it into a brwoser (Must only work in FireFox...)

So i made a right-click on the project -> Export -> jar (not runnable jar!), and moved it into the folder /home/user/Desktop/test

The folder test contains the following index.html:

            <embed id = "test"  
            width="256" height="256" 

But all I got is a Grey Box... At the bottom FireFox says Start: applet not initalized.

Here is a snippet

public class Applet extends JApplet {

public void init() {

    // simulate properties file, empty properties should have no influence
    Properties p = new Properties();

    this.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    this.setSize(1000, 600);
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There is probably an error starting the applet. Try to open the "Java Console" (not the Java Script console); the Mozilla Knowledge Base tells you how.

You should be able to see the stack trace in the console.

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