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HTML formatter/tidy/beautifier for JavaScript

I want to pass HTML code to a div:

myDiv.innerHTML = htmlCode;

its similar like I was trying to use an IFRAME. The problem is, if a htmlCode is not formatted well (there is a missing </div> for example) then it spoils all the page. How to clean those?

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fix it at the source. Don't remedy it. –  Rene Pot Sep 28 '12 at 13:17

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Take a look: google-caja — compiler for making third-party HTML, CSS and JavaScript safe for embedding

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You could first use a DOMParser object to convert the HTML code to a DOM structure. That will fix any broken markup. You can then insert the resulting DOM structure as a child to your div.

Be careful, though: Embedding HTML code from an untrusted source is very dangerous, because it allows Cross Site Scripting attacks.

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