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So I have the following dependencies section in gradle

dependencies {    
    compile project(':sdi-master')
    compile fileTree(dir: '../webserver/lib', include: '*.jar')
    compile fileTree(dir: '../webserver/play-1.2.4/framework/lib', include: '*.jar')
    compile fileTree(dir: '../webserver/play-1.2.4/framework', include: 'play-*.jar')   

I also have a copy jars task like so

task deleteJars(type: Delete) {
    ext.collection = files { genLibDir.listFiles() }
    delete ext.collection
task copyJars(type: Copy) { 
    from(configurations.compile) {}
    into genLibDir

Notice how it depends on sdi-master which then has ONE compile fileTree as well. When I run copyJars, as expected, I get all the jars from the sdi-master as well copied into genLibDir. When I run the eclipse task however, those jars do NOT show up in the .classpath file as I would expect so my project doesn't compile in eclipse.

Is this a gradle eclipse task bug I need to report or is this supposed to be the behavior(though it seems very inconsistent with the copy jars using configurations.compile.

thanks, Dean

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Eclipse understands transitive dependencies, so the dependencies of sdi-master will not (and should not) show up in the current project's .classpath file. They should just show up in sdi-master's .classpath file and should be marked as exported there.

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ah, so I have to make sure all projects are in my eclipse workspace, thanks!!!! –  Dean Hiller Oct 12 '12 at 12:46

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