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Here is what I'm trying to do: I want to enable i18n support for my zmi python scripts in a gettext compatible way, with the '_'-function.

Here is what I did so far. In a module of my Zope Product, I run:

import gettext, __builtin__    
t = gettext.translation('myDomain', LOCALESPATH, languages=['de'], fallback=True)
__builtin__._ = t.gettext

Calling _ in an (unrestricted) External Method works fine, it returns the translation, as expected.

def testI18n():
  return _('text to be translated')

If I try this in a Zope "Script (Python)" which uses RestrictedPython to execute its code, I get a NameError: "global name '_' is not defined".

This is my workaround:

from myModule import myTranslator as _
print _('text to be translated')
return printed

which works well (myModule has to be allowed for Python Scripts, of course).

But I'm curious if there is a way to have _ as a builtin function in restricted python scripts, and if it is possible to extend the safe_builtins in RestrictedPython.Guards.

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First of all, Zope already has gettext-compatible i18n packages available for you, in the form of zope.i18n. This is already part of Zope itself, no need to install it separately.

Secondly, don't muck about with __builtin__; simply import the message factory into a module and name it _.

In your Zope Product __init__.py you add a message factory for this:

from zope.i18nmessageid import MessageFactory
from AccessControl import ModuleSecurityInfo

YourDomainMessageFactory = MessageFactory('your.domain')


Now you have a message id factory that can be imported into any of your project python files, including restricted files:

from your.packagename import YourDomainMessageFactory as _

message = _('Your message to be translated')

Note how we still use _ as the local name in the code.

You register your message catalogs with a short amount of ZCML:


    <i18n:registerTranslations directory="locales" />


where locales is a subdirectory of the directory the configure.zcml file lives. zope.i18n expects to find <REGION>/LC_MESSAGES/yourdomain.mo and optionally, <REGION>/LC_MESSAGES/yourdomain.po files in the registered directory; .po files are automatically compiled into .mo files for you as needed.

ZPT page templates use zope.i18n message catalogs by default, see ZPT i18n support.

If you need to translate something manually, use the zope.i18n.translate function:

from zope.i18n import translate

message = _('Your message to be translated')
print translate(message, target_language='de')

Most of the Plone i18n manual applies to generic Zope applications.

If you absolutely have to be able to poke things into __builtins__, then by all means directly manipulate RestrictedPython.Guards.safe_builtins; it's a dictionary:

from RestrictedPython.Guards import safe_builtins

safe_builtins['_'] = t.gettext
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Thanks for the detailed answer! Unfortunately I have problems getting it working. First, I had already tried setting the safe_builtins exactly as you suggest, but it does not make any difference: in web-based Python Scripts I get the NameError. Do they use different _builtins_? Second, while gettext.translation works, myDomainMessageFactory does not, it returns the string to be translated. And how can I tell it what language I want it to be translated in? –  Rastaf Sep 29 '12 at 16:04
@Rastaf: Use an explicit translate(message) call to have message ids translated. Normally, we use these in views and as they end up in a ZPT template, that translates these for us. I'm not certain about safe_builtins, never use it myself. :-) –  Martijn Pieters Sep 29 '12 at 16:46
It took me some time, but now I got the i18nmessageid working. Thanks, that's exactly what I need, although I didn't realize it right away ;) –  Rastaf Sep 30 '12 at 21:12

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