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I'm pulling page posts from the Graph API, but I would like to ignore comments or replies.

So for instance:

"id": "115673336230_10151050684306231", 
"from": {
"name": "New York Jets", 
"category": "Professional sports team", 
"id": "115673336230"
"story": "\"Well said, Michael. We know our...\" on [User's name removed]'s post on New York Jets's wall.", 
"story_tags": {
"40": [
    "id": ----------, 
    "name": ------------, 
    "offset": 40, 
    "length": 15, 
    "type": "user"
"type": "status", 
"created_time": "2012-09-27T13:39:55+0000", 
"updated_time": "2012-09-27T13:39:55+0000", 
"comments": {
"count": 0

There doesn't seem to be any piece of this response that I can use to filter a reply like this out other than the 'on User's Name post' bit in the story field.

I've noticed that all of the replies to comments appear without message data and with story data, but from the docs its unclear if this would be a reliable data point to filter against.

Is there a way to ignore comments/replies in the Page posts connection? Do all Page Posts (non comment replies) have data in the message field and never in the story field? That is, can I reliably ignore 'posts' that have no message? That have a story?

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If you want more powerful filtering, you should look at querying the stream table with FQL.

The type field allows you to filter out posts based on what they are. Adding AND type != 247 will exclude comments from the data returned.

There might be a way to do this using the API by requesting the status_type field, but then you'll have to also manually request all other fields you want to display, and you'll still end up filtering them in your script.

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Yes, FQL will have to do! – sbauch Sep 29 '12 at 15:05
Following up- Pretty disappointed with FQL type field/filter. A bunch of the posts I wanted to filter out are returned with "type": nil, and type != nil FQL returns an error. – sbauch Oct 1 '12 at 14:55
You can filter those out with AND type > 0. – cpilko Oct 1 '12 at 16:25

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