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This is My last question. Now my new requirement is to ping some set of servers and check if they are replying or not. I am trying my way of

system("ping xxx.xx.xx.xx >out.txt");

And then parsing the out.txt for a string "Request timed out.". This is yielding me good results. But is there any better way to do from c program. Non programmatic ways are also welcome. But mostly I want to go by C program. If the request is timed out I will send a mail through same my way by php. Thanks in advance.

My environment : windows, Tiny C Compiler

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A better method for capturing output than system() is to use popen() instead. That way you can capture the output of the command without using a temporary file.

A better method for pinging is to use the Microsoft ICMP API (an introductory page can be found here). This will be possible if your C compiler has the ability to call arbitrary Win32 API functions. In particular, IcmpSendEcho is the function you would want.

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Thanks again.I will definitely look into this.. – Enjoy coding Aug 12 '09 at 4:25

Another option is using raw sockets for sending/receiving ICMP packets yourself, or using a library such as libnet for that. You can then take your measurements at a finer granularity. It'll take some time and getting used to, though. :)

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