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My project is Spring and Hibernate based. I am familiar with Spring AOP.

There is a requirement that whenever any method of DAO layer is called(by service layer), I need to check some logic and based on that DAO layer method should be allowed to proceed. So, i was thinking of using AOP here. The aspect will have one method, with before advice applied to it, which will have some logic and will return true or false accordingly and based on the boolean value, returned from aspect, DAO method will be allowed to continue to do its persistence logic. For e.g. if true is returned, DAO persistence process will happen and if false is returned, persistence logic will not occur.

But, the challenge I am facing is how to return the boolean value from Aspect to DAO layer method.

Is it possible to return a value from the advising method(i.e. method written in Aspect) to the target method with Before advice? Please help.

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If your DAOs could share an interface with a 'proceed/execute/doStuff' method then you could call it from the Advice(or not).

If not, why don't you add a flag to your DAOs and set it from the advice, then on the DAO check it before proceeding and set it back to the default state before leaving the method.

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