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Initially I've three li items under a ul. A jCarousel instance is created with the ui and it shows the carousel successfully with the three li items. By default the carousel shows three items and hence the Next/Prev button is disabled.

Now I add a new li item under the carousel using $('#mycarousel').data('jcarousel').add(...) method. It shows that the li is added under the ul with proper jcarouselidex, but the carousel's Next/Prev button remains disabled and hence I can't see it in the carousel.

NOTE: If I create carousel with 4 or more li items then the Next/Prev buttons become enable and it work perfectly.

What I've tried: I see the Next/Prev buttons' div is in disable, so after adding new item, I enable the divs. The Next/Prev buttons are now enable but doesn't do anything.

Any work around will be highly appreciated.


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This took some figuring out on my part as well. After calling the reload() function, I called the size() function with the new size of the array. Here's a sample:

            carousel = jQuery('#header_selector').data('jcarousel');
            for(n = 0; n < response.images.length; n++) {
                carousel.add(n, '<img src="' + response.images[n] + '" />' );

Give that a shot.

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Yes I did also the same thing of carousel.reset() carousel.size() with the existing carousel object and it worked for me as well. Sorry that I couldn't add it to this post in time. Thanks for your reply. –  Maftahur Rahman Dec 4 '12 at 6:55

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