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I need idea about logic which will match repeated character sets comparing two strings.

Car is blue and new vs Car is blue and old, would find 16 matches Car is , blue vs Car is blue color would find Car is match and blue

So basically I need to find percentually how much repeating characters are the same in two strings, SQL Server or C#, preferably SQL server.

I don't expect someone to write me code, but any idea, link or something like that would be more than welcome.

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Little idea here, you could get a list of all the words in one string, and then check if they exist in the other string:

string baseStringOne = "Car is blue and new", baseStringTwo = "Car is blue and old"; 
string[] subs = baseStringOne.Split(' '); 
foreach (string sub in subs)
  if (baseStringTwo.Contains(sub))
     //Substring found!
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I think you'll find these relevant:
The diff algorithm
An implementation for C#

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You can get distinct characters by :

public static string Common(string s1, string s2)
        return new string((s1.Intersect(s2)).ToArray());
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