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I cant seem to find the answer to this: Is it possible to change signing-key but still use the same packagename? So that the people who bought my app can "re-download" the app with the new key, from the same Google Play page.

The background to this is that I want to extend my signing key to more then 25 years I have set now. Maybe this is enough but I dont want to be put in a situation where the key expires.

If this is not possible, could I remove my current Google Play app and create a new one with the same packagename and another key?

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No. If you have an APK signed with a signature and containing a package name installed on a device, any subsequent apk with the same package name must have the same signature.

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Yeah, found this on google publish: Please note that package names for app files are unique and permanent, so please choose wisely. Package names cannot be deleted or re-used in the future. Keep in mind that if you've lost your keystore, you'll have to publish the app with a new package name and a new key. You should also update the description of the original app and unpublish it. – aelveborn Sep 28 '12 at 15:02

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