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I am looking for a way to get the value of an F# option or use a default value if it is None. This seems so common I can't believe something predefined doesn't exist. Here is how I do it right now:

// val getOptionValue : Lazy<'a> -> Option<'a> -> 'a    
let getOptionValue (defaultValue : Lazy<_>) = function Some value -> value | None -> defaultValue.Force ()

I am (sort of) looking for the F# equivalent of the C# ?? operator:

string test = GetString() ?? "This will be used if the result of GetString() is null.";

No function in the Option module does what I think is a pretty basic task. What am I missing?


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You're looking for defaultArg [MSDN] ('T option -> 'T -> 'T).

It's often used to provide a default value for optional arguments:

type T(?arg) =
  member val Arg = defaultArg arg 0

let t1 = T(1) 
let t2 = T() //t2.Arg is 0
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Thanks! Can't believe I missed that ;) –  Nikon the Third Sep 28 '12 at 16:05
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You could easily create your own operator to do the same thing.

let (|?) = defaultArg

Your C# example would then become

let getString() = (None:string option) 
let test = getString() |? "This will be used if the result of getString() is None.";;

val getString : unit -> string option 
val test : string = "This will be used if the result of getString() is None."

Here's a blog post that goes into a little more detail.

Edit: Nikon the Third had a much better implementation for the operator, so I updated it.

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Using an operator seems somewhat nicer than defaultArg possiblyNone "in case of None" (although I avoid introducing new operators to avoid confusing my colleagues :). But why didn't you define it simply as let (|?) = defaultArg? –  Nikon the Third Aug 30 '13 at 13:14
Hmm, you make a very good point. I updated my answer to your idea. –  Troy Kershaw Aug 31 '13 at 2:15
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