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I'm trying to compile some example code from the Cocos2d for iPhone 0.99 Beginner's Guide.:

        [self.mySprite setOpacity:100];
        glColor4f(255 / 255.0f, 0 / 255.0f, 0 / 255.0f, 255 / 255.0f);
        glPointSize( 30.0 );
        ccDrawPoint( self.mySprite.position);
    [super draw];

Apart from this not actually drawing a rectangular highlight on top of the sprite when isSelected = YES, the gl functions are also giving me warnings:

  • Implicit declaration of function 'glPointSize' is invalid in C99
  • Implicit declaration of function 'glColor4f' is invalid in C99
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Are you using cocos2d 2.0? The code above will only work with cocos2d v1.1 or earlier. –  LearnCocos2D Sep 28 '12 at 16:09
Yes I am using cocos2d 2.0. Is there a way to update the code so that it works with 2.0? I was reading the migration guide but I can't for the life of me figure this out yet. –  fantom Sep 29 '12 at 1:48

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Are you using Cocos2D 2.x? Try ccDrawColor4F instead of glColor4f and ccPointSize instead of glPointSize.

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Make sure to #import

You can use: ccDrawSolidRect(<#CGPoint origin#>, <#CGPoint destination#>, <#ccColor4F color#>)

This is probably a neater way to have a highlighted rectangle than using ccDrawPoint().

Hope this helps.

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