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Im writing sales software that will be walking through a set of pages and on certain pages there are items listed to sell and when you click buy it basically just passes a hidden variable to the next page to be set as a session variable, and then when you get to the end it call gets reported to a database. However my employer wanted me to include a shopping cart, and this shopping cart should display the item name, sku, and price of whatever you're buying, as well as a remove button so the person doing the script doesnt need to go back through the entire thing to remove one item. At the moment I have the cart set to display everything, which was fairly simple. but I cant figure out how to get the remove button to work. Here is the code for the shopping cart:

        $total = 0;
    //TEST CODE:
    $_SESSION['itemname-addon'] = "Test addon";
    $_SESSION ['price-addon'] = 10.00;
    $_SESSION ['sku-addon'] = "1234h";

    $_SESSION['itemname-addon1'] = "Test addon1";
    $_SESSION ['price-addon1'] = 99.90;
    $_SESSION ['sku-addon1'] = "1111";

    $_SESSION['itemname-addon2'] = "Test addon2";
    $_SESSION ['price-addon2'] = 19.10;
    $_SESSION ['sku-addon2'] = "123";
    //end test code

    $items = Array
            "0"=> Array
                "name" => $_SESSION['itemname-mo'],
                "price" => $_SESSION ['price-mo'],
                "sku" => $_SESSION ['sku-mo']
            "1" => Array
                "name" => $_SESSION['itemname-addon'],
                "price" => $_SESSION ['price-addon'],
                "sku" => $_SESSION ['sku-addon']
            "2" => Array
                "name" => $_SESSION['itemname-addon1'],
                "price" => $_SESSION ['price-addon1'],
                "sku" => $_SESSION ['sku-addon1']
            "3" => Array
                "name" => $_SESSION['itemname-addon2'],
                "price" => $_SESSION ['price-addon2'],
                "sku" => $_SESSION ['sku-addon2']


    $a_length = count($items);

    for($x = 0; $x<$a_length; $x++){
    $total +=$items[$x]['price']; 
    $formattedtotal = number_format($total,2,'.','');
    for($i = 0; $i < $a_length; $i++){
    $name = $items[$i]['name'];
    $price = $items[$i]['price'];
    $sku = $items[$i]['sku'];
    echo "<br />
    <b>Sub Total:</b> 

        function displaycart($name,$price,$sku){

            if($name != null || $price != null || $sku != null){

            if ($name == "no sale" || $price == "no sale" || $sku == "no sale"){
            echo ""; 
                $formattedprice = number_format($price,2,'.','');
                echo "$name: $$formattedprice ($sku)";
                echo "<form action=\"\" method=\"post\">";
                echo "<button type=\"submit\" />Remove</button><br />";
                echo "</form>";


So at this point Im not sure where to go from here for the remove button. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You can use arrays on session variables so you could change your format to

$_SESSION[items][] = ("name"=>$name, "sku"=>$sku, "price"->$price)

in your function displaycart() add the element

echo "<input type='hidden' name='delete_sku' value='$sku'>\n";

then when you delete you simply:

$delete_sku = $_POST[delete_sku]; // the posted ID sent from delete form
$i = 0;
foreach ($_SESSION[items] as $item) {
    if ($item['sku'] == $delete_sku) {
        unset ($_SESSION[$i]);  // remove the item from the session array
print_r ($_SESSION);
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