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I am trying to switch from mysql to Zend / TableGateway class.

I wonder if there is a method, similar to mysql_insert_id, to get the autoincremented id of the last inserted row.

Googling around, I found some answers, pointing to the lastInsertId() of the DB-Adapter, however, this method seems no longer available in ZF2. Also: the return value of the insert method is returning a boolean value, not the last id as in ZF1.

Currently I am using a ugly workaround. Please see code below.

Is there a better / recommended way of getting the Id?

table_1 {
    id: integer, primary key, autoincremented
    content: text

table_2 {
    table_1_id: integer
    other_content: text

// using mysql
$sql = "INSERT INTO table_1 (content) VALUES ('some text')";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
// check omitted

$id = mysql_insert_id();
$sql = "INSERT INTO table_2 (table_1_id, other_content) VALUES ($id, 'other text')";
$result = mysql_query($sql);

// using Zend - this is the code, I am currently using
// get_last_insert_id emulation; works only if content is unique
private function getLastInsertId($tableGateway, $content) {
    $entries = $tableGateway->select(array('content' => $content));
    foreach ($entries as $entry) {
        return $entry->id;

    return null;
// another option: get highest ID, must be the last inserted
private function getLastInsertId($tableGateway) {
    // needs a method like 'getRowWithHighestId'

// ...
table_1_entry = new Table1Entry('some text');

// using the workaround:
$id = getLastInsertId($tableGateway, $table_1_entry->content);
// there MUST be some Zend method to get this last id.

table_1_entry = new Table1Entry('other text', $id);
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2 Answers 2

Use magic property $tableGateway->lastInsertValue to get the Id

$id = $tableGateway->lastInsertValue;

This property is set when executing insert data


$this->lastInsertValue = $this->adapter->getDriver()->getConnection()->getLastGeneratedValue();
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It's worth noting there's also an accessor "getLastInsertValue()" which returns the same value. Worth using so you can mock the response and make your class more testable. – Dan Apr 26 '13 at 10:36
        'line_1' => $Data1->line_1,
        'line_2' => $Data1->line_2,
        'line_3' => $Data1->line_3,
        'city_id' => $Data1->city_id,
        'state_id' => $Data1->state_id,
        'country_id'=> 1,
        'is_active' => '1',
        $adapter = $this->tableGateway->getAdapter();
        $otherTable = new TableGateway('address', $adapter);
        $lastInsertValue= $adapter->getDriver()->getConnection()>getLastGeneratedValue();
        print_r('lastInsertId1 :'.$lastInsertValue);
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