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I am trying to understand why wont the source filter connect with VMR9?

mediaController.InsertSourceFilter(sinkFilter, m_pRenderGraph, out sourceFilter);
var vmr = new VideoMixingRenderer9();
m_pRenderGraph.AddFilter(vmr as IBaseFilter, "VMR");

IBaseFilter vmrBase = FilterGraphTools.FindFilterByClsid(m_pRenderGraph, Clsid.VideoMixingRenderer9);
IVMRFilterConfig9 xd = vmrBase as IVMRFilterConfig9;
if (xd != null)
  int status = xd.SetRenderingMode(VMR9Mode.Windowless);

FilterGraphTools.ConnectFilters(m_pRenderGraph, sourceFilter, vmrBase, true);
mediaController.BridgeGraphs(sinkFilter, sourceFilter);

Without going into too much detail:

  • Line „ConnectFilters“ fails because no intermediate filters are found to make that connection work.
  • When trying to debug, I can clearly see that Source filter is not spitting out anything useful. (It’s like that the sink<-->source transfer never works), so that’s why it wont connect.
  • However, when I get source filter „Output 1“ pin, and then use myGraph.Render(source_output_pin), it works. Data is being sent from sink to source and everything connects automatically. However the problem is that the wrong VMR is inserted there. It’s VMR Renderer. I would like to have VMR9, that’s why im doing it. Why wont it work with VMR9 and why does source filter not show correct media type.

As you can see, source filter does not offer ANYTHING. The only way I force him offer anything is that when I use RenderPin(). That way he spits out the same thing that is on sinkfilter.

But that does not help me at all, since if I disconnect every pin on VMR default filter & delete it from graph, EVERYTHING disappears.

Thank you. - Graph1 - Graph2 working with RenderPin - Graph2 source filter not offering anything.

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Check out media type on output filter of the source pin and paste it here. VMR does not connect to every filter, it is a picky guy. – Roman R. Sep 28 '12 at 16:00
I've updated the post a little. Source filter offers 0 mediaTypes. – user1327407 Sep 29 '12 at 9:47
Yes the missing media type is the likely cause. You can possibly work it around by inserting Color Space Converter manually, and using ConnectDirect with the media type you know, which you can take from sink filter input. – Roman R. Sep 29 '12 at 12:22
On an unrelated note, I have questions. How did you get to render your code generated graph ? What library do you use to access VMR9 in c# ? – Name is carl Sep 22 '13 at 12:35

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