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I have written a select query inside my mapper.xml

 <select id="getCatCount"  parameterType="String" resultType="int">
  select count(*) from Categories where status is not null  
 <if test="catTypeId != 0">
    AND cat_type_id = #{catTypeId,jdbcType=INTEGER}

and in mapper.java method is

  int getCatCount(int catTypeId);

How can I check for catTypeId in if condition. I know the above statement is incorrect but I want to put condition like this so I check if catTypeId not zero then only add AND condition. Or do I need to pass whole object of Category class?

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You do not need to pass the whole Category class. Just do it as you described:

int getCatCount(int catTypeId);

Your mapper.xml should look like this:

<select id="getCatCount" parameterClass="map" resultType="int">
  select count(*) from Categories where status is not null  
   <if test="param1 != 0">
     AND cat_type_id = #{param1,jdbcType=INTEGER}

Notice that as parameterClass you need to specify a map.

Let's say that now, you want to pass two parameters:

int getCatCount(int catTypeId, int mySecondParam);

In the mapper, you should work with param1 and param2

See, how you need to use "paramX" nomenclature. But let's say, that instead using that nomenclature, you would like to use a customized parameter name as "catTypeId". For that, in you Java code you need to do this:

int getCatCount( @Param("cat_type_id ") String cat_type_id);

The XML mapper would be the one that I put it about, but using cat_type_id instead param1.

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Thanks a lot Jddsantaella for one more time and for very good explaination. –  user965884 Oct 1 '12 at 8:47
You are welcome. –  jddsantaella Oct 1 '12 at 12:34
This really helped me understand a new api quirk –  Stevko Nov 12 '12 at 19:49

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