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Im using Selenium Webdriver for IE

I am having trouble sending a click to an image. The particular image is used throughout the page - I am attempting to find by xPath.

The html snippet:

<img src='Option.gif' border='0' style="cursor:hand;" onClick="javascript:DropDownOpen('ID_1_0_0_3_0_19');" />

The Webdriver Code:

driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//img[contains(@onClick, \"javascript:DropDownOpen('ID_1_0_0_3_0_19');\"]")).Click();

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Your having a problem clicking the image because your xpath contains single quotes. To xpath to an element with single quotes you'll want to use xpath's concat() function. Your xpath becomes


You'll notice we concat javascript:DropDownOpen( in single quotes and anytime we need to target an element containing a single quote we wrap them in double quotes.

Happy Xpathing!

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